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The Fifth Annual BeeSpace Workshop took place May 21 and 22, 2009 (Thursday and Friday), at the Institute for Genomic Biology (IGB) on the campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC).

2009 Workshop Sessions

To experience the workshop sessions in full, please view the following where the video is synchronized with the slides. The files have all of the talks presented during that session. You can jump to individual slides if desired with the Echo software system. See the Workshop Agenda for description of the full schedule.

Student Talks on Thursday afternoon.

Faculty Talks on Friday morning.

Staff Demonstrations on Friday afternoon.

2009 Workshop Speeches

Slides from the individual talks are available in Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt) and Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) formats. Also available separately are streaming video Adobe Flash (.flv) format versions of the talks.

Faculty Talks

Ravi Iyer, Vice Chancellor for Research, University Welcome (10 min.) - Video (FLV)

Harris Lewin, IGB Director, Institute Welcome (10 min.) - Slide set (PPT, PDF) | Video (FLV)

Bruce Schatz, BeeSpace PI, Project Overview (20 min.) - Slide set (PPT,PDF) | Video (FLV)

Gene Robinson. Entomology and Neuroscience, BeeSpace Biology Overview: Nature-Nurture Dissection (30 min.) - Slide set (PPT, PDF) | Video (FLV)

Sandra Rodriguez-Zas, Animal Sciences, Gene Expression Analysis (10 min.) - Slide set (PPT, PDF) | Video (FLV)

Susan Fahrbach, Biology Wake Forest University, Anatomical Localization (10 min.) - Slide set (PPT, PDF) | Video (FLV)

Nathan Price, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Gene Expression Meta-analysis (10 min.) - Slide set (PPT, PDF) | Video (FLV)

Bruce Schatz, Medical Information Science, BeeSpace informatics Overview: Interactive Analysis System (30 min.) - Slide set (PPT,PDF) | Video (FLV)

ChengXiang Zhai, Computer Science, Informatics Algorithms Research (30 min.) - Slide set (PPT,PDF) | Video (FLV)

Susan Fahrbach, Wake Forest University, BeeSpace Education and Outreach (20 min.) - Slide set (PPT, PDF) | Video (FLV)

Staff Demonstrations

Moushumi Sen Sarma and David Arcoleo, Hands-on demonstration of Version 4 BeeSpace Navigator production software (45 min.) - Video (FLV)

Xu Ling and Xin He, BeeSpace Staff, Hands-on demonstration of Version 5 BeeSpace Navigator prototype software (15 min.) - Video (FLV)

Student Talks (each 20 min.)

Xu Ling, Computer Science, Entity Summarization from Biological Literature - Slide set (PPT, PDF) | Video (FLV)

Xin He, Computer Science, Functional Analysis from Biological Literature - Slide set (PPT, PDF) | Video (FLV)

Brant Chee, Information Science, Interactive Clustering of Biomedical Literature - Slide set (PPT, PDF) | Video (FLV)

Heather Adams, Animal Science, Statistical Analysis of Expression Experiments - Slide set (PPT, PDF) | Video (FLV)

Zhengzheng Liang. Neuroscience, Genomic Analysis of Animal Personality: Scout Bees - Video (FLV)

Nick Naeager, Entomology, Appointment Keeping in Honey Bees: Molecular Clocks - Slide set (PPT, PDF) | Video (FLV)

Jim Buell, Instructional Technology, Experiencing BeeSpace: Educational Explorations in Behavioral Genomics for High School and Beyond - Slide set (PPT, PDF) | Video (FLV)

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