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Education links

Here is an assortment of off-site links that offer insights into areas important to the BeeSpace Project.


Honey bees


Wikipedia: Apis mellifera (western honeybee) - 

Tales from the Hive (PBS Nova episode site)–


Biology Browser's links for Hymenoptera (bees/wasps) -




Wikipedia: Genomics - . A brief overview of genomics for general audiences.

Cracking the Code (PBS Nova episode site) - . Website for two-hour episode from PBS Nova series, originally broadcast in 2001.

DNA Interactive - . Eye-catching general-interest website for genetics education. Check out their GeneBoy game for a very user-friendly introduction to using bioinformatics databases.

NSDL Middle School Science Portal (at National Science Digital Library's Eisenhower National Clearinghouse) - . Many useful links for a wide variety of science topics for the middle school level.

Bee genome

NCBI Honey Bee Genome -

Other genomes

Human Genome Project -

Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes -

Tools on the web

Argo genome browser -




Wikipedia: Bioinformatics - website –

Bioinformatics for Dummies book website -,page-1.html

Tools on the web

Biology Student Workbench –

NCBI site and tools –


Inquiry learning


iLabs ( enable users to collaborate via easy-to-set-up, easy-to-manage, database-backed websites. Features include the ability to manage users, share documents, and create and add to various kinds of lists (calendars, URL bookmarks, contacts, etc.). The BeeSpace Project helps support development of iLabs.

Inquiry page

The Inquiry Page ( is a dynamic virtual community where inquiry-based education can be discussed, resources and experiences shared, and innovative approaches explored in a collaborative environment.


BEDROCK ( is an NSF-funded project of the BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium. BEDROCK (Bioinformatics Education Dissemination: Reaching Out, Connecting, and Knitting-together) is aimed at integrating bioinformatics throughout the undergraduate biology curriculum, using an inquiry-based approach in which students explore and analyze actual data in a way that recreates the experience of conducting research.

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