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Anatomy of a BeeSpace Experiment

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Can an individual bee's behavior be predicted by examining a profile of gene expression in its brain? This article by biology teacher David Stone describes experiments by University of Illinois bee researchers that help answer this question. These experiments form a basis for the work currently being carried out by BeeSpace biologists, as they explore more broadly the genetic underpinnings of various honey bee behaviors. 

Advanced Arthropod Studies Curriculum

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The Advanced Arthropod Studies Curriculum is intended as a supplement to arthropod study and activities students typically encounter in high school level biology, ecology and environmental science classes. Assuming students have a good grasp of basic arthropod biology, this technology-based curriculum allows students to pursue areas that go well beyond those typically encountered in textbooks. Each component may be used individually or may be integrated with others in whatever way is most meaningful to individual teaching situations. These activities lend equally well to cooperative or independent learning situations. All of these projects require use of the Internet-based resources as the major resources in gaining further knowledge. The projects comprising this curriculum are not aimed at any specific ability level or learning style. Each project is tied to real-world knowledge, not memorization and abstractions. Many of the projects have a myriad of project extensions. Please feel free to share any extensions that develop in your particular teaching situation with David Stone (, who will be glad to incorporate and share them within this site.

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